They say that we are stardust, created in the nuclear furnace of stars, and that we are here because the stars were kind enough to explode.”

“You are a Microcosm” invites us to discover, wonder, and weave through a kaleidoscopic plurality of interactive stories in the intricacy of interface. Its geometricity represents neither the instrument nor the music, but a map to navigate—engaging us to explore the biological, chemical, structural, and behavioral patterns that make us, that we find within and beyond ourselves.

Datu plays with his multiverse of artistic processes while exploring the diverse possibilities of ideas, materials, and techniques in creating new experiences and new ways of engaging art-making outside traditional practices and spaces. He works with the inherent fragility and ephemerality of materiality, and engages uncommon combinations of artistic forms as painting with electronics and sculpture with photography.

Inspired by Tibetan Buddhist mandalas, Datu creates his salt drawings—mapping out cosmic configurations with this chemical compound. Working with fragile salt crystals is a curious choice for an artistic medium as it is extremely unstable and difficult to control. He fancies using this mainly because unlike its transitory materiality, salt holds enduring symbolic, cultural, and ritualistic significances.

Tabula Umbra, a painting rendered interactive by merging with electronics, can be explored with geometry as a guide. With mind and fingers, gliding along the lines as if coursing through space and time, we are drawn to play and to listen.

Crystalline Clusters and Blossom Specimens are photographs of sculptures made from translucent plastic sheets. Datu likes the idea that the actual sculptures are left unseen, in the same way that he has never encountered a blue whale before, but recognizes one because of his familiarity with its photographic references. Similarly, the diverse ways we see and engage art (re)defines our perceptions of reality—that which is simultaneously imaged and imagined.

This exhibit crystallizes into creative realizations of how the Self flows through connected streams of cosmic consciousness, attuned with its rhythmic pulsations. Time-bound and timeless, countless universes are awakened as we flow.

Maysa Arabit

You Are A Microcosm runs until January 3, 2020.