The body holds and projects elements that manipulate the perception of the self. The body, like the pitcher plant, captures its viewer through its pleasant features unbeknownst of the turmoil within the self.

The body’s defenses neutralize dark instincts and maintain the equilibrium of the self in order to avoid slipping into an anxious state. Through repression and fantasy, it constructs defenses against the raw unconscious impulses which in a sense functions as a mental apparatus attempting to preserve the balance through the regulation of thoughts, feelings, and impulses that somehow manifest in our habits, routines, and belief systems.

The peripheral depicts these instincts being converted in a more acceptable state, a dream state– an alternate reality that is more pleasing to the self and is less threatening to society. Thus, through repression and fantasy, the body keeps the demands of our raw instincts in harmony with the external world to regain a normal state and avert the self from great psychological pain.

Slips and Pitfall runs until January 3, 2020.