Can one thrive as one devours thyself?

From the beliefs of the ancient Egyptians, a snake devouring its tail denotes renewal, repetition, regeneration. This is Ouroboros, wherein the act of thriving and devouring co-exist. Energy comes in cycles, so do concepts in life. Ouroboros is the union of opposing ideas: birth through death through birth —united, intertwined. There is always growth in struggle; Is there always struggle in growth? How are we to make sense of the seasons of time, the cyclical aspect of life?

In Possibly Evolving, by utilizing their respective disciplines, the artists are consumed by their individual concepts as they cultivate a stand on certain evolving beliefs, either personal or societal. They take on their opposing ideas to find the commonality of these concepts as they try to answer the metaphor: Can one thrive as one devours thyself? The artists answer how the head of the snake and its tail are but one living serpent.

In our contemporary times, surviving through the endless devouring is a privilege. Ouroboros refers to the cycle, the circle of life, if you may. The snake may seem devoured but it is very much thriving. 

Words by Maia San Diego

Possibly Evolving runs from October 10 to November 3, 2019