Minuteness of Anatomy highlights the importance of small and seemingly insignificant parts as they relate to a whole. The show visualizes how a collection of individual parts ultimately defines an object’s form, function, and identity.

Anton Carreon’s work focuses on the role and function of people, objects, and buildings by isolating these elements from their domain. It explores how the elements can stand on their own even when they’re taken away from their conceived ‘whole’ and thus, essentially prompts the audience to assess the roles and meanings that these individual images hold.

Kristina Doctora focuses on the components that make up a picture. In a series of works, she dissects images of the sky, subtracting its form and giving emphasis to the abstracted gradation of the colors.

Gabi Nazareno posits that the human body is a vessel of temporal parts that holds the essence of who we are. The work visualizes the idea of an impermanent vessel and the relationship of each changing part to a persisting whole, which is the vital spirit, soul, or creative force of a person.

Bryan Pollero’s series of inter-media drawings attempt to illustrate the temporal, intangible, and natural occurrences of the night. The works serve as his reflections in the midst of his nocturnal routine.

A machine’s performance depends highly on the synchronicity of its individual components, which is evocative of San Jose’s assemblage of miniature paper objects. The work projects the intricate inner workings of a sophisticated piece of machinery as it details the complexity and advancement of modern-day technology.

Minuteness of Anatomy runs from October 10 to November 3, 2019